6 Simple Steps To Build A Brick Wall

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Brick walls are always a prudent investment. If well-constructed, it can withstand the test of time. Building a wall can start off as a DIY project you do around your home. Below is an easy step by step process for building a brick wall.

STEP 1: Have All the Supplies

Have sufficient supplies to undertake the construction. These includes but not limited to: bricks, masonry trowel, relatively clean water, string line, tape measure, wheelbarrow, masonry cement, etc. Have an estimate of the number of bricks and mortar you need based on the height and length of wall you want.

STEP 2: A Stable Footing

This is the most important step as it lays a foundation for the wall.

Identify where you want the wall to be. What you do next is to mark out where you want the wall to be on the footing that you had already prepared. Sting lines are a great way to guide you through this step.

STEP 3: Make The Mortar Mix

Use a wheelbarrow as a mixing bowl. Add masonry cement, sad and water in the right amount. Mix the components until the mix is of the right texture. Don’t let the mortar mix dry out or mix at poor consistency. Adding too much water to the mixture ill-advised. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, leave the mixture out to thicken.

STEP 4: Place The Bricks

Get straight to business. Spread a layer of mortar on the footing then place the brick. Position the first brick on a corner and place mortar at the edge. Leave a 10mm space between bricks for the mortar. Adjust the position of the brick when necessary but tapping it with the trowel. Also remove any excess mortar to reduce waste and make the wall neater. Iterate this until rows are completed. Remember to frequently use the spirit level to check the alignment, both vertical and horizontal.

STEP 5: Hydrate The Wall

The work is not done After completion of the rows and columns. This is because the wall is not yet firm. It will gain full strength after three to four weeks. To achieve this, the wall should be kept damp for 7 to 10 days. Having followed all the steps outlined above, the wall will be complete.

STEP 6: Decorating the wall

This stage is optional. It involves plastering various designs and patterns and painting over them and can help you turn a plain old boring brick wall into something a bit nicer to look at. You can also consider rendering your new wall as well.