Blocked Drains

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One thing about drainage systems that you should be aware of is the fact that it is the one responsible for making sure that we are having buildings to live as well as work in that are healthy, clean and dry. Due to the way pipes and drains are always things we cannot always see and basically working as efficiently as they can possible, a majority of us are taking them for granted. The only time property owners gives attention toward blocked drains is when there is already a damage caused to the drains. Because of this, drains are given little regards with regards to their condition.

Ideally speaking, it is a must for every single property owners to know the causes of blocked drains and blocked pipes as well, not to mention the necessity for them to know the way or ways to prevent it from happening and what they can potentially do when during the worst case scenario.

Most of the time, the best way for blocked drains to never happen is to prevent them from happening in the first place. You may not be aware of but most drain blockages are caused by the building up of domestic or commercial water waste. If each one of us only learns how to stop using as well as treating toilets like wash bins, to put filters into plug holes so it can catch food waste, hair and broken soap as well, and if we flush our drains with hot water on weekly basis, we can see a much better place to live in.

You can actually say that regardless of whether it is commercial or domestic drainage system, it is inevitable for drains to suffer from blockage problems during their lifespans. In most cases, the number source of blockage is the build-up of wastes and trashes on the insides of the pipes. Some of the wastes and trashes have something to do with litter, grease, silt and also, leaves. These deposits do not only reduce the efficiency of the drains, if they are left to build up over the course of time, they will eventually cause blocked drains. And we are all fully aware that blocked drains will cause other troublesome things that will not be good for us.

In the event that blocked drains happen, there are several cleaning options that you can choose from and two of them are the following:

the High-Pressure Water Jetting and the Electro-Mechanical Cleaning.

When we say High-Pressure Water Jetting, we are actually referring to the quickest, the simplest and the most effective way of cleaning drains, based on the type of blockage. What usually happens during this cleaning option is that a continuous jet of water will be fired into the pipe to blast away the deposits and blockages, and these elements will be expelled out of the pipe.

On the other hand, with the Electro-Mechanical Cleaning, we are talking about a method that is primarily used for unblocking similar bore pipes like toilets and sinks, instead of drains. Opposite to water jetting, there will be a flexible rod pushed into the pipework to remove the blockage through careful, manual force.