Garages Toowoomba: How To Choose The Right Garage Size

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Choose the right size for garages Toowoomba and you can save yourself a lot of trouble.

How big your garage should be is a common question among homeowners who are building or renovating their homes. Contrary to popular belief, choosing the best garage size is not just about considering the size and the number of the cars its going to hold.

Here are other considerations when choosing sizes for garages Toowoomba:
1. Storage space Aside from the car, will you use your garage for anything else? A 10 by 18 feet garage should suffice if youre not planning to use your garage to store anything else. However, its more common to have a buffer of at least a foot or two on each side, so 12 by 20 feet garages are more popular. Consider a bigger garage so it can double as a tool shed. Garages are excellent storage options.
2. Land space The space where youd be putting in the garage matters as well, especially if youre building near the boundary. There are different considerations when your total lot size is over 420 sqm or if its under 420 sqm.
There are different things to consider as well for single detached dwellings, attached duplexes, and detached duplexes. Make sure you pass all the requirements and learn if youd need approvals before you can build your garage.
3. Walking space With everything inside the garage, including cars (with open doors), tools, appliances, or even your HVAC system, consider how much walking space youd need. A walking space of at least 4 feet from each side would suffice. You also have to consider parking aids, workbenches, bays, standing shelves, and overhead shelves if youre going to use any of them.
Here are some average car sizes:
Vans and SUVs typically measure 6 x 16 x 5 feet (W x L x H).
Luxury cars and other larger cars (which arent considered vans and SUVs) typically measure 6 x 16 x 4.5 feet (W x L x H).
Compact cars measure an average of 5 x 14 x 4 feet (W x L x H).

The car you drive isnt permanent, so you must consider that as well. You may be driving a compact car now, but whos to say that you wouldnt exchange it for a van in the future, especially for growing families? You may have planned for a single-car garage, but you could have additional cars in the near future that you might want to plan ahead for.

Here are the most common three-dimensional garage sizes for garages Toowoomba:
One-car garages should at least measure 12 x 20 x 7 (W x L x H).
Two-car garages should at least measure 18 x 20 x 7 (W x L x H).
Three-car garages should at least measure 26 x 20 x 7 feet (W x L x H).

Finally, for garages Toowoomba, youre going to consider the garage door size as well. Usually this depends on how many cars the garage is going to hold, and the placement of the garage door will depend on how youre going to park the car inside the garage as well. A combination of single and double garage doors can work for garages designed to house more than two cars.