How Often Does Your Air Conditioner Need Service?

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Most homeowners know that air conditioner maintenance is important but many do not know how often they need to have the air conditioner serviced. This is because most believe that some air conditioning companies exaggerate on how often the system requires maintenance so they can make more money charging maintenance fees. This article will guide you on the importance of preventative maintenance and how often you should really have your air conditioner serviced even when it is operating okay.

Benefits of regular ac maintenance
Regular ac maintenance Fort Worth TEXAS keeps the energy bills down. When left for long without maintenance there is accumulation of dust and debris on the system which reduces airflow and causes the system to reduce in efficiency. Reduction in efficiency of the system in turn means that you pay more in energy bills. Regular maintenance of the ac also ensures that your ac lasts for long. Without maintenance many parts will fail before their preferred life span has been reached.

Another great importance of this regular maintenance is the fact that it improves your overall home comfort. The ac gives you clean air and also keeps the temperatures in the house at habitable levels. With regular maintenance you also do not have to encounter expensive repair costs for your ac since all major damages are prevented. You can therefore have peace of mind even when harsh weather seasons are approaching.

How often should maintenance be done?
It is advisable that you have your ac maintenance done at least once annually. This means that do not let a year pass before a professional has taken a look at your ac. However, there are some regular maintenance practices that should be done more often. For instance the filters should be changed or cleaned more regularly than that. This is because the filters collect dust and allergens which not only spoils the quality of the air in the house but also causes other parts of the unit like the coils and the fins to become ineffective.

It is advisable that the air filters be changed or cleaned monthly especially in the seasons of high usage and when they get really dirty. For people in very dusty regions, the filters might even have to be changed more often than that and also for people who have pets. You can physically just check on the filters to see how dirty they have become and also check other parts of the system to see what condition they are in. The bottom line is that ac maintenance needs to be done regularly enough to ensure that your system maintains optimal performance for your particular situation.

You should choose the HVAC contractor carefully to ensure that you get one that is licensed to offer the services and also one that employs technicians that are well trained and licensed as HVAC technicians. The company should offer prices that are agreeable with the market prices. Be on the lookout for a company that is offering extremely large discounts that seem too good to be true. Chances are they will be.