How To Pack Large Photo Frames, Pictures And Mirrors When Moving House

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In this short blog post we’re going to tell you the safest way to pack large paintings, pictures or mirrors to protect them from damage during your move. before you start you’re going to need some packing materials, picture cartons are great for medium size frames if your picture is too large to be protected with a single partner. You can use several together or for oversize pictures that are going to need extra protection, ask your removals company on how best to go about packing these items. you’ll also need patterned paper, bubble wrap, scissors, tape and a marker pen. Unroll your bubble wrap and place it on a large flat surface making sure it’s smooth side up with the bubbles facing outwards to prevent air bubbles from marking the glass.

Lay your picture facedown on top of the bubble wrap, cut a piece big enough to cover the picture and then fold the bubble wrap over and start taking down. Remember not to tape directly on to the picture or the frame. Repeat this process until your picture is fully covered and all the edges are tucked in and take down neatly. Next, build your pitch button. Take the first part and line the bottom with two or three sheets of the scrunched up packing paper. Repeat this until the bottom is fully lined, this gives a little cushion of paper and air pockets and also prevents the picture from rattling around.

Take your picture and place it on top of the sponge paper inside the carton. Take two or three more sheets of packing paper scrunch them up and Pat out each side of the picture to stop any movement. You then take the side of the carton trap then pat the top of the picture with more scrunched packing paper before taking the stock. Make sure you take the other part of the picture carton and place it over the top of the one containing your picture so that it’s nestled securely inside. Be sure to tape the sides and top securely. Finally make sure to label the box clearly with a quick description of the picture and indicating that it’s fragile, this ensure that your chosen removals company will take extra care when transporting your fragile items.

Repeat the steps above for all fragile items. It is always recommended to Work with your removals company to find the best solution to make sure all your items arrive at your location damage free. See more info .