Important Steps That Need To Be Taken When Moving Home

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Put together a second communal supply box with all the things you want on hand as soon as you arrive at your new home. A set of flatware for everyone, towels, bed linens extra light bulbs, toilet paper and a mug. You can either take these item with you or put them somewhere accessible on the moving truck. Finally it’s almost moving day and there’s a couple days left to go and if you’re packing yourself, you may feel that you’re not far from living the camping life or returning to your university days, there’s only a bed and a few plates to your name or if it’s a professional movers that are packing for you you may feel the excitement that everything is about to happen.

There’s nothing worse than unpacking dirty laundry so make sure everything is washed and packed away. you may need to disconnect equipment like your washer and dryer electronics and remove bulbs from lamps. If you are uncertain about how to disconnect some of the electricity or gas fittings please contact a professional. Be sure to defrost your freezer if you’re taking it with you and make sure you dry it out.

Prepare some food for your moving day or plan to order takeout, then pack away the rest of the kitchen but make sure to leave out the coffeemaker to sustain the troops. We know it’s easier said than done, but you need everything clean and dusted by the time the movers arrive. If you’re struggling invite a couple friends over to help, buy some cheese for those crackers in the back of the cupboard and create a small social event.

The adrenaline is pumping as hale and hearty movers are about to descend on your house and you’re ready to go. Most of your work is done and the movers will take over in an eminently professional manner, but there are still a few things you need to do. Be on site and available to answer any questions the movers may have, make sure your phone is fully charged so that when the movers are arriving and leaving.

Behind a wall of boxes you’ll be on call, make sure young children and pets are supervised and out of harm’s way. You can give older children specific jobs like making sure the movers have enough water and coffee or checking that the cupboards are empty. Take meter readings at your old house and your new house. Stripping the bed may be one of the last things you do so just make sure your bedding ends up somewhere accessible so you can set yourself up easily when you get to your new home. Most importantly once it’s all over, relax, order takeout pizza, perhaps take yourself out to a restaurant and relax knowing that the removals team has everything taken care of. We hope that this advice has been helpful, we want your move into your new house to be a wonderful experience for you and your family. Find out more .